Which Bass should I buy? – A bass for beginners

A bass for beginners but Which Bass?

You want to play bass but don’t know where to begin. “Which bass should I buy?” You ask? Well, there are endless basses on the market. There is one in particular however that is a vital choice for beginners. That bass is a Squier Affinity Precision Jazz.

Out of all the choices you can make for your first bass, this is the one go-to model that will do you justice. The Squier Affinity Precision Jazz Bass is the most affordable entry model but still boasts an excellent roadworthy build and features of great quality for a variety of play styles.

Which bass Squier Affinity Precision Jazz Basses

Key features of the Squier Affinity Precision Jazz Bass

Simple and easy to use with 3 knobs – Tone and two Volume pots – Beginners won’t have a problem finding a tone they like as the Precision Jazz is super easy to dial in.

Larger frets, better clearance and an easier learning curve This design feature helps beginners hone their finger work correctly and doesn’t punish the players skill level.

Best of both basses – Pickups This bass has a Precision split coil pick up installed at the neck and a single coil Jazz pick up in the bridge. Allowing you to dial in a large range of tones. From Jazz all the way to Death Metal.

Louder output than most basses –  Express yourself loudly as this bass can be driven louder than it’s counterparts before amplification.

You can find out more about the Squier Affinity Precision Jazz bass on our buyers guide page. Read the full specifications and options of colours available to you as well as the beginners starter packs that this bass is sold in.

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