Beginners bass guitar guides – Learn for free

Beginners bass guitar guides

Once you know Which Bass to buy you will need to know a few other things in the world of Bass Guitars. Such as which amplifier is best for me?” or “what strings should I buy?”. The beginners bass guitar guides on this page will cover everything you need to know about equipment and getting the most out of your instrument.

New guides will be added expanding on the world of the bass guitar. The Which Bass Blog is also a good place to visit to read practical tips and opinion pieces.

New players – Learn the bass in 3 easy steps

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What do you need to learn the bass guitar? Find out in dead simple guide for beginners.

Bass guitars

There are an endless number of basses on the market and on this site we suggest to beginners to look at the following

Bass amplifiers

Amplifiers come in all shapes and sizes and the guides below will help you find the best amplifier for your needs. The beginners amplifier guide is the best place to start.

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Bass guitar features guide

Our Bass Guitar Feature series takes a deep look to specific areas of the bass industry. We break it down a topic into manageable pieces. Opening the door to exploration of new ideas.

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Know Your Bass Player YouTube series

In this WhichBass YouTube series we explore the gear, the style and the techniques of the great bass players out there. Each episode goes through a well known bass player going through which basses they’ve used in their career, their amplifiers and all other gear. It also gives you a crash course in the technique that they are known for.

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General guides

Here you will find guides that don’t fit specifically to any category or belong to a feature posts section.

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Bass effects pedals guide

The complicated world of bass effects guitar pedals can be overwhelming. WhichBass explains the types, how they work and how to utilise the features that every bassist should know.

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Recording bass guitar

The recording studio has many challenges and one of which is recording the bass. There are many variables when it comes to recording as the guide will outline.

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