About Whichbass – What’s it all about?

What is WhichBass?

Which Bass is a website built for beginners that wish to learn the electric bass guitar. As a beginner it is difficult to figure out which bass guitar will give you the best value for your money without overspending. Once you have a bass guitar in mind (see the Squire Affinity Precision Jazz for my suggestion) what comes next is the amplifier and the strings and effects pedals. All of this information can take time to learn on your own. On this site, I explain in plain layman terms what you need to know.

All pages are written with beginners in mind and provide the need to know starters for any new coming bass player. If you’ve joined us at a later in your musical career, we cater for you too as our guides section has something for players of all skills and the blog is updating regularly featuring news of all things bass guitar.

How WhichBass began

WhichBass is written and maintained by me, Alfie Williams. I enjoy making music and talking about all things musical. Whether the music itself – writing, producing and performing, the industry, the techniques or the trends. It gets me up in the morning and is something I yearn to improve day after day.Alfie Williams WhichBass

I started playing the bass back in the early 2000’s and worked as a sound engineer during that time. I had a lot of help in learning how to play and honing my stage craft through the years from these experiences. Writing this site for a new bass player helps me understand from a different perspective and engage with like minded people who share this interest.

Where to begin?

Want to learn the bass? – Learn the bass guitar in 3 easy steps

If this is your first time stepping in the bass would then I highly recommend that you visit Learn the bass guitar in 3 easy steps. This page has the run down in the correct order you should read through as a beginner.

Do you have a bass? – Bass Guitar Guides

Say you have a a little bit more experience in the bass world and are expanding your options. You can benefit from the Bass Guitar Guides which has suggestions and ideas on how to expand your sound.

Learn more – WhichBass Blog

Finally, for all skill levels alike, there is the WhichBass blog. With new guides, updates and discussions from the bass world. Everyone will find something of interest in this section.

And for the audience – I want to hear from you

I want to share my experiences and help others learn from my musical successes and failures to reach your own goals. I want to debate and learn from others and what you’ve faced. If you have any questions I want to hear about them. What is it you find difficult with regards to the bass guitar or the musical industry?


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