Start here – learn the bass guitar in 3 easy steps

Welcome – How you will learn the bass guitar?

The bass guitar is the backbone of many a groove in the musical world, Your interest to learn the bass guitar, which is a monumental instrument will be rewarding in so many ways you have yet to discover.

Start now – 3 steps to learn the bass guitar

1 – Buy a bass guitar

The primary function of this website is to show you a bass guitar that ticks all the boxes for a beginner. It’s affordable, has a brilliant build quality, will last you many years, be versatile in ALL musical genres and sound brilliant.

If this your first  time looking for a bass guitar we highly recommend the Squier Affinity Precision Jazz for reasons that are explained on that page.

2 – Buy an amplifier

Next on your path to learn the bass guitar is an amplifier. Electric basses turn the vibrations of the strings into an electrical current. This is then made audible by the use of the amplifier transducing the electric signal. Amplifiers can be very simple if your purpose for how you will use it is clear. Over time you will seek out bigger amplifiers that cater your needs.

We cover all of these aspects with the what amplifier a beginner should buy with the Beginners Bass Amplifier Guide.

If researching amplifiers is a little bit overwhelming at this point in time. It would be absolutely beneficial to look at Bass Guitar Starter Packs instead. These packs provide you with a quality bass and the best suited amplifier at this level.

3 – Learn to play the bass guitar

Purists will disagree but if you want to learn the bass guitar as quickly as possible then it is highly recommended you learn how to Read Bass Guitar Tabs. You can speedily learn how to read music and start playing within an hour.

Learning to read tabs is easy, it’s like the table top game Battleship. The methodology in playing properly will require you to do your home work and research as much as possible.

This arguably is the hard part as it takes minutes to learn but a lifetime to master. Once you know how to read tablature you can learn songs and expand your repertoire. From this point on you can develop into a better musician by studying other bass players, how and why they play a song like they do.

Bonus tip 4 – Analyse your equipment

Once you have your equipment ready and have been playing a while. You can start looking into improving your sound with additional equipment (like strings or effects pedals). Start to analyse how each part of your bass influences your sound and how you can make it better.

You can do this buy looking at the Bass Guitar Guides page where we discuss all aspects of the musical chain and help you sound your best.

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