Bass starter pack – Start playing in minutes

Bass starter pack of a thousand sounds

There are beginner bass starter pack these days which include everything a new player will need. As a result you can to hit the ground running and start playing in minutes. Typically these packs will include the bass of your choice, spare strings, an amp, cables and instruction DVDs.

Other than the Squier by Fender series, other companies have their own packs that cater to all popular styles. Namely for Rock, Metal and Punk respectively.

Squier Precision bass starter pack

Squire Affinity Precision Bass packAlong side the popular Squier Precision bass a Fender branded 15 Watt practice amplifier is included. This is the perfect size amplifier for bedrooms as it won’t be loud enough to disturb the neighbours or family.

A Gig Bag is included to carry your bass as well as an Electric tuner, Bass strap, Appropriate “Jack” Cable, Stereo Headphones and Tutorial Instructional DVD to get the ball rolling.

The Squier Affinity Precision Bass packs come in three bold colours, Black, Metallica Red and Metallic Blue.

Squier Affinity Jazz starter pack Pack

squire affinity jazz bass packAn alternative to the aforementioned Precision pack is the Squier Affinity Jazz pack. The Jazz bass uses a similar design to the Precision but has learned and improved upon it’s advantages.

Today the Jazz bass is used in all music genres and its flexibility provides endless choice to the player. Warm sounds, bright sounds, loud or quiet the Jazz has its place in all musical forms.

The pack includes the Fender branded 15 Watt practice amplifier,  A Gig Bag , Electric tuner, Bass strap, Appropriate “Jack” Cable, Stereo Headphones and Tutorial Instructional DVD.

The Squier Affinity Jazz bass starter pack come in three bold colours, Black, Metallica Red and Metallic Blue


Bass guitar starter packs for different styles

If you have a style of music in mind which you would love to play. There is most likely a starter pack that will compliment your tastes. The best thing about starter packs is that they will all necessary equipment to for that style.


Epiphone Thunderbird IV bass starter pack

Epiphone Thunderbird IVIdeal for Rock genres – From one of the most legendary bass guitars comes an affordable beginners pack created by Epiphone (Owned by Gibson).

The Thunderbird IV starter pack comes with its beautiful reverse shaped body inspired by the Gibson Firebird.

Its two thick soap bar pickups give way to one of the most icon sounds in Rock history. With a punchy Rosewood finger board and warm Maple neck. It will give you an unforgettable tone.

The Epiphone Thunderbird IV bass starter pack comes with a 15 Watt bass amplifier, spare strings, plectrums, tuner and a strap.


Ibanez Bass starter pack

Ibanez Bass starter packIdeal for Punk and Punk Rock 

Japanese company Ibanez provide a bass well intended for the use of Punk and Punk Rock genres.

The Basswood body and Rosewood finger board gives this bass a solid twangy resonance.

Coupled with its split coil and single coil combination. The Ibanez IJSR190 gives you a full range between thick and bassey or smooth and tight highs for cutting through the mix.

A 10W Ibanez practice amplifier is included which makes it ideal for bedrooms and homes.

Along The Ibanez IJSR190 starter pack, it includes side a Gig Bag, electric tuner, headphones, guitar strap, cable, and plectrums.


Houston Bass starter pack

Houston Metal Bass

Ideal for Metal – For the Metal heads, the only way to go to rip someones face off is with a metal bass guitar is from Houston.

This model boasts two humbuckers pickups which will give you a loud thick aggressive boomy tone.

The beautiful flying V shape comes built with a bright resonate Rosewood finger board and a light weight Paulownia body.

A massive 150 Watt amplifier comes with this package and includes all the usual features. Gain control, 3 band EQ, built in compressor, Aux input and headphone out.

The Houston Metal Bass starter pack is perfect for a metal head who has hopes of playing live in the future and ideal for rehearsals and gigs.


San Francisco bass starter pack

san-francisco-bassIdeal for Indie/Pop – The semi acoustic body of this bass guitar provides the snappy warm twang of recent Indie bands.

The two humbucker pickups give you an output with a rich warm balanced tone.  A notable feature of this bass is the 4 potentiometers (2 tone and 2 volume). As well as a selector switch for you to dial in the perfect sound, this offers you brilliant versatility for all play styles.

The San Francisco Bass pack comes with a basic 35 Watt amplifier, cable and gig bag. Which makes it ideal for home practice and rehearsals.


Lexington 5 string bass guitar starter pack

lexington-5-string-bassIdeal for Metal – For those looking in search of a fifth bass string pack look no further than the Lexington 5 string.

It’s vibrant build boasts a single a split coil/single coil combination. This offers you a full range between thick and bassey or smooth and tight highs for cutting through the mix.

The materials of this bass include a snappy Rosewood finger board and warm Maple neck and a light Agathis body for comfort during play.

An 80 Watt amplifier is included in this pack and  featuring a 3 band EQ, built in chorus effect and ability to tilt the cabinet back 45 degrees as a monitor. The Lexington 5 string bass starter pack is perfect for new players to to use at home, rehearsals or on stage.

Kids starter Bass pack

third-fourth-kids-bass-guitKids basses have the added bonus of being a little bit shorter and much lighter so smaller hands can hold the instrument properly without any issues. These 3/4 scale basses will be the perfect size for your little ones.

Packs include a 3/4 size Precision bass, amplifier, strap, gig bag and cable. You can find out more information about Kids basses 3/4 scale basses.



Further reading

Now you’re kitted out with a new bass guitar and amplifier, have you considered what effect bass guitar strings could have on your gear? Whilst the default strings that come with your bass will do just fine for a little while. It would be great to find a set of strings that match your playing style.

There are strings for aggressive music like Rock and Metal. Smoother strings for Jazz and Reggae and all combinations in between. Read the Bass guide string guide we have here about string gauges and get an idea of a set that will suit you.