Month: August 2017

Velvet Revolver Bass Rig from Duff Mckagan – Know Your Bass Player (3/3)

Welcome back to the final installation of the Duff Mckagan Bass rig series. The associated acts that followed Duff after Guns N’ Roses deserved it’s own post, where we can provide more detail. Duff’s Velvet Revolver bass rig originally used elements from Guns N’ Roses but soon took a change following many new line ups….

Duff Mckagan Amplifier Rig – Know Your Bass Player (2/3)

Today we are discussing the Duff Mckagan amplifier rig, which was used throughout Guns N’ Roses and associated acts. His amplifiers have steadily increased in size and power and we’ll go through them all. Additionally in this post, we cover his strings and effects pedals. Both of which are used to create the shimmering harmonious…

Duff Mckagan Bass Rig – Know Your Bass Player (part 1/3)

In this rig review of Know Your Bass Player we’re talking the pancreas exploding bassist of Guns N’ Roses. Duff Mckagan has been rocking the world since the late 80’s and given the world a brilliant driving tone to enjoy. without further ado, this is the Duff Mckagan bass rig review.   Did you watch…