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A signature bass guitar that you can own too

A signature bass guitar is made on behalf of a musician who has a certain custom criteria, mainly because when you are touring you want your equipment to sound the same every night you play and not have anything fail if you can help it.

There are some models that can be very expensive because they have the newest gear installed or maybe even older sought after gear. Your signature bass guitar can be cost effective

Due to the criteria of the artist, there are some signature bass guitar models that stream line their features. This can make many basses more affordable than normal off the shelf basses. If you happen to be a fan of said artist and you are looking to create a similar sound to them them it’s win-win.

It is important to understand signature bass guitar models are created in conjunction with the bass manufacturer and the artist to suit his/her needs. They also do this to produce a certain sound (or look sometimes) and these basses aren’t always a true reflection of a standard model, but they do provide you with an instrument that will work with out any changeable variables first time every time with as little human error as possible.

Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers

Fender Flea Signature Jazz Bass, Roadworn Shell Pink

flea signature bass guitarThe ever popular Flea of RHCP has brought to market his very own signature of the 1961 Fender Jazz bass. Fitted with two ‘Pure Vintage’ ’64 Jazz Bass single-coil pickups. This bass produces an iconic Fender style tone from back in the day that offers a clear low end definition, up-front midrange punch and a singing high end.

This bass has been made to Flea’s specification to aesthetically look like his own Shell Pink ’61 Fender Jazz.

Including a road worn look using nitrocellulose lacquer. The hardware on this bass include a Maple neck and Rosewood finger board.

Find out more about the Fender Flea Signature Jazz Bass, Roadworn in Shell Pink.


Mike Dirnt of Green Day

50’s Fender Precision Bass

mike dirnt signature bass guitarWith looks almost the same as the very first Precision from the 50’s this bass will hark back to those early times. Equipped with one split coil pick up, 20 Medium Jumbo frets, Rosewood neck and Agathis body.
This bass cries sustain with a punchy bouncy tone, if you like punk-pop you should most definitely give this one a play.

It is available in Black or Arctic White. Find out more about Mike Dirnt’s 50’s Fender Precision.


Steve Harris of Iron Maiden

Fender Steve Harris Precision Bass

Steve Harris Precision Bass


Fly your own “Aces High” with the bass of the sweetheart himself. Steve Harris of Iron Maiden. This bass is powered by a Seymour Duncan SPB-4 Steve Harris signature model pickup, with a Fender High Mass bridge, Rotosound Steve Harris Signature flat-wound strings and Harris’s signature on the back of the headstock.


The aesthetic design thins out the typical Precision bass making it lighter. The paint work is a regal gloss white finish with special pin-striping, mirrored pick-guard and West Ham United F.C. crest.

This bass matches the agile punchy tone of the Iron Maiden records and provides players with a comfortable performance.

Have you seen Steve’s full rig run down? Watch our first ever video series of Steve Harris on Know Your Bass Player.

Find out more about Steve Harris Precision Bass and remake your own number of the beast.


Duff McKagan of Guns’n’Roses

Fender Duff McKagan Precision Bass Guitar, Pearl White

Fender Duff McKagan Precision Bass Guitar, Pearl White

One of the founding members of the worlds biggest Rock band comes to the market with his own signature bass. The Duff McKagen Precision bass comes with a Seymour Duncan® STKJ2B Jazz Bass pickup in the bridge and a Vintage-Style Alnico Split Single-Coil Precision Bass in the neck.

An additional feature of this bass is the Master TBX™ Circuit (Treble Bass Expander). This adds even more highs to your tone to cut through the mix and twang like Duff.

Duff has very selective criteria regarding the body shape and the neck size. This bass has a modified “C” neck, based on an earlier bass that Duff owned in the 80’s.

Find out more about Duff McKagan’s Precision bass guitar and welcome yourself to the jungle.


Tom Ararya of Slayer

Tom Araya ESP LTD TA-204

tom araya signature bass guitarESP bring you an affordable piece of metal musicianship built and created by Tom Araya. Built with a thin “U” shaped neck for agile fretting and two ESP designed SB-4 soap bar pickups. This bass will give you a thundery bottom end but with enough definition in the highs to cut through the mix.

The body is made of Basswood making it light and resonate with a Maple neck and Rosewood finger board for a warm sustain.

Aesthetically this bass looks menacing with 24 frets lined with Pentagram inlays and aggressive shape which you would expect from Slayer.

The Tom Araya ESP LTD bass will be perfect for Metal of all genres and provide you with comfort and agility.

Dave Ellefson of Megadeth

Jackson Ellefson Kelly Bird IV


Jackson Guitars have produced a customised Kelly Bird IV for Dave Ellefson. It has been crafted to Ellefsons specifications to endure the toughest of touring sessions and provide it’s loud warm tone.


This stunning bass has custom EMG HZ35 soap bar pickups. Eliminating noise but keeping the volume. The Kelly Bird has a warm tonality with a smooth attack and defined high range response.

The fretboard has been made with an innovative compound-radius. Built different from flat fretboards. The fretboard gradually flattens toward the heel from its more rounded profile at the nut providing a smooth playability. This will also give sensational accessibility for high range riffs.

The Jackson Ellefson Kelly Bird is well suited for Rock and Metal genres.

James Johnston of Biffy Clyro

Custom Squier Jazz Bass

james johnson signature bass guitarThis bass is an example of being a Squier/Fender model that is much cheaper than a standard model.
The JJ Jazz bass has a few variations in its design namely custom J-pick ups Single-Coil Pickups with AlNiCo 5 Magnets (Neck & Bridge) as well as several aesthetics asked by James such as the finish and signature with a logo on the headstock.

All in all you can get a true Fender bass with a few touch ups for less than full RRP.

 Find out more about the James Johnston Squier Jazz Bass.

Gabe Crisp of Whitechapel

ESP LTD GC-P4 Gabe Crisp Signature

Gabe Crisp Whitechapel signature bass guitarESP are back again with another signature model from the Hardcore band Whitechapel.

This model designed in partnership with Gabe brings a warm Maple neck/finger board. The thin “U” shape neck provides you with agility when playing.

The body is made of Alder and coupled with the “String Thru” bridge, this offers a smooth dark resonance and sustain.

The finger board, made of all Maple offers a warm smooth tone that works in tandem with the body.

Custom pickups were also created in this model, the LDJ for the bridge and the LDP for the neck. Both deliver a full tone expected of most modern metal genres.

Find out more about the ESP LTD GC-P4 Gabe Crisp signature.


Rachel Bolan of Skid Row

Spector Euro4LX Rachel Bolan

Rachel Bolan Skid Row signature bass guitarThe Euro4LX is all about sustain. This bass is built with Maple over European Alder with a slice of walnut between. A bright Rosewood finger board with mother of pearl inlays compliments the output of this instrument.

It’s pick ups are EMG-P and EMG-J for the neck and bridge. The pickups also have an active circuit on them for an even brighter sound which is turned on by an on/off switch.

This bass has one of the most unique tones you will hear in music that provides a solid foundation without being too dynamic and distracting in the mix.

Find out more about the Rachel Bolan Spector Euro4LX.E.


Got everything you need?

Once you’ve chosen the perfect signature bass guitar for your style it’s important to make sure that the output of that instrument is at its best. The next in line to be upgraded is an amplifier. Amplifiers come in all shapes, sizes and sounds so it’s important you know what you’re looking for. Our list of bass amplifier guides is the best place to get started.