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Ghost B.C bass rig

The Ghost B.C bass rig has had few changes. If you’ve followed the band Ghost B.C, (sic Ghost) closely. You’ll know the performers on stage are called “Nameless Ghouls”. The Ghoul in question today is named Water, our bass player element, one of the classical elements of alchemy.

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Ghost appears 2010

The first apparition of Ghost appears online in March 2010 soon followed by their first performance on October 23rd of the same year. During these first performances, Water is yielding an Ibanez Iceman bass. The amplifiers seated on either side of the stage were Ampeg SVT4 Pros and 8×10 matching cabinets.

Fender upgrade

By 2011, Water had changed bass to a white Fender Precision with a black pickguard. Behind the Ghoul was an Ampeg 8×10 with an SVT V4B. This bass was also seen in 2012 when the Ghouls wore all white robes. That summer the Precision was swapped for a Fender Deluxe Jaguar Bass with a white pickguard and pearloid block inlays.ghost bass rig

The amplifiers then changed to Peavey 8×10 and Ampeg SVT 8.


Water turns Orange

By mid 2011, an Orange AD300 with matching 4×10 cabs would be Waters primary choice. Ghost as a whole would predominantly use Orange amplifiers throughout festivals in 2012. On occasion Ampeg SVTs return either in full or a mixture of Orange equipment.

Ghost B.C bass rig into 2013

From 2013 onwards, Ghost had reached a point where their gear was no longer on stage with them. The Ghouls have always spoken highly of Orange and it is the author’s belief that the ensemble continued to use them behind the curtains.

The white Fender Precision returns to the forefront for the next few years but on occasion you’ll find a black precision in its place.



The missing Ghoul

In the summer of 2016, there are a handful of shows where Water, our bass player element, is missing completely. As in not playing on stage. A few weeks later Water returns to Ghost, still with the same old white Precision but taking on a striking new appearance. Water seems to have shrunk compared to the other Ghouls and now appears in a more feminine demeanor form.

During the performances of Ghuleth and Mummy Dust however, the Precision is swapped out for a black Fender Jazz with two split coil humbuckers If you, dear viewer, have tried to play Mummy Dust, you would be aware the song is played in C tuning.

It is believed this bass is used to accommodate this. Water would briefly disappear for a few shows again in 2017 leaving the fellow Ghouls without a bass player.

Ghost B.C bass rig on Prequelle

Soon after Water returns to the status quo and this arrangement of basses would continue until 2018. Following the release of Prequelle a new standard Fender Jaguar in white with a black pickguard emerged. which took over the main duties for Water all the way into 2019. The C tuning bass used on Ghuleth and Mummy Dust was at that point a white Fender Jazz. Not long after this it became the main touring bass and was seen towards the end of the Prequelle tour cycle.  

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